About ATC Center

Our Mission

First and foremost, we want to provide a facility and atmosphere that presents each client with the opportunity to address all of their unique needs and achieve their individual goals.  Physically, we want to ensure each client can perform each of the fundamental human movement patterns with high-quality movement.   Mentally, we want to be the catalyst that inspires the client with the confidence and perseverance to pursue their goals with consistency and resolve.  ATC provides a complete training center and instills a mindset for the client to execute challenging, purposeful, and repeatable training sessions.


Our Philosophy

at·a·vism [at-uh-viz-uhm]: the tendency to revert to an ancestral type.

The fitness philosophy contained at the core of programming at the ATC Center (Atavistic Training Concepts Center) is founded in the concept of atavism.

Despite the introduction of many exciting discoveries regarding the human body, training methodologies, and training implements, man evolved and thrived on a relatively basic protocol with minimal tools. He walked a lot, sometimes ran very fast, and occasionally lifted, carried and threw heavy objects.

At the ATC Center, we make use of simple, time-tested implements and concepts to forge the strength and conditioning levels of our clients. All programs use barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, sleds, or bodyweight to provide resistance training, and we seek to slowly work up the amount of resistance we use over time.